Teodor P.B. Andersen

Junior Analyst

Teodor P.B. Andersen joined as Junior Analyst summer of 2020, in between his BSc Management studies at the London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science, now assisting the firm from London.

Teodor comes with expertise in finance and strategy. He worked at the investment banking branch of SEB in the UK, reporting directly to the country head, prior to Szpirt & Company, helping out with pitch books and financial reporting in some of the largest industry coverage teams. He is a project lead at London Strategic Consulting, a highly selective student consultancy exclusive to tier 1 university students. He also sits on the Youth Board of the popular ‘Millionærklubben’ by Euroinvestor, and runs his own podcast on the markets, 'Student Investors' Club', with a team of four LSE students, whose features include a range of high profile entrepreneurs and finance professionals.

Teodor helps our clients with business development including market research, financial analysis and pitch decks.