Jino Victoria Doabi

Junior Advisor

Jino Victoria has joined our team as a part of her enrollment in the last year of her bachelor’s degree in Political Science at The University of Copenhagen. Apart from her studies, Jino has taken an active part in the Danish Social Liberal Party in the last couple of years, helping with policy-making, campaigning for The City Council in Copenhagen, The European Parliament election in Denmark, and the Danish Parliamentary election.

Jino finds it necessary to contribute to democracy, hence her role as a debater in the public debate on foreign and domestic policy issues, foreign and integration policy, as well as gender equality, education, and research policy. To stay as active in her priorly mentioned involvements, Jino is also a board member of the voluntary organization Handle Tanken Ligefrem, as well as in a Social Liberal Party in Nørrebro, which are both based in Copenhagen. She is additionally running for the Copenhagen City Council in the winter of 2021 for the last-mentioned party.

At Szpirt & Company, Jino will primarily assist our clients with Government Affairs, Strategic Affairs and Business Development matters.