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Full-spectrum partnering support in the Nordics for a US biotech


Boots on the ground crucial to immuno-oncology partnering and negotiations

May 25th 2021

2 min read

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At a glance

  • Complete search, screening and selection of biotech companies and assets
  • Technical platform mapping and light corporate due diligence
  • Shortlisting of partnering candidates including early negotiations


An immuno-oncology biotech company, headquartered in New York, had recently signed a global collaboration-license agreement with a big pharma company worth 1 billion USD allowing our client to expand their existing portfolio.

The vibrant oncology biotech market in the Nordics was a specific target for our client, but without local affiliates the initial outreach and sourcing was complicated.

Szpirt & Company was hired to provide on the ground support in the Nordics to source partnering opportunities specifically in the field of immunotherapy.


We executed a complete search, screening and selection of biotech candidates, mapping and analysing the technical platforms, key assets and lead candidates in terms of a strategic fit.

In total ten biotechs were shortlisted for executive partnering meetings with our client.

Szpirt & Company facilitated the early negotiations with the shortlisted candidates including C-suite presentation rounds. After the first round of partnering meetings we provided support in the second round of negotiations.

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